AIADMK merger row: As TTV Dhinakaran threat looms large, Palaniswamy says unity the need of the hour

Ariyalur / Chennai / Pondicherry: Tamil Nadu chief minister K Palaniswami said Wednesday that unity will be the time needed to move the party and the AIADMK government amid a threat to stability its government has raised 18 lawmakers loyal to Return to match away TTV Dhinakaran.

AIADMK’s top leader and the lower house vice-president, Mr. Thambidurai, however, rejected any threat to the government following the revolt of the 18 deputies who have expressed their lack of confidence in the Palaniswami leadership. He said that the state government was strong and that there was no division in the party.

On another day of agitated political events in the state, Dhinakaran, nephew of the AIADMK leader, VK Sasikala, tried to assert his authority by extracting four ministers from the party tests, while deputies loyal to him continued to remain In a Puducherry station.

The DMK Alliance Congress was launched for a floor discussion of the Assembly, a day after the Dravidian party made a similar request by stating that 22 MPs AIADMK had submitted letters to Governor C Vidayasagar Rao expressing a lack of confidence in the prime minister . Of the 234 members, the AIADMK has 134 deputies.

The brother of Sasikala Divakaran V, for his part, said the ministry Palaniswami had “lost the majority” and sought his resignation. “A government can not continue.Pananiswami must resign,” he told reporters in Kumbakonam.Thambidurai to the press in Chennai that “the government of Tamil Nadu under the leadership of Palaniswami is strong.There are no divisions,” he added.

Palaniswami then commented on this unit to an Ariyalur government function where he shared the canopy with his assistant panneerselvam OR for the first time after the merger of two AIADMK factions led by them. Addressing the centennial celebrations of AIADMK founder and Chief Minister MG Ramachandran past, the two leaders have praised and Minister J Jayalalithaa.

Palaniswami said the recent merger of the two factions was made in order to fulfill the dreams of Ramachandran and Jayalalithaa and expressed their joy at the meeting on Wednesday. The head of government, facing an attack by Dhinakaran camp during the merger, has stressed the unity to advance in the party and the government. “We must strengthen the party and the government as brothers and sisters. This unity is the offer (which apparently means gratitude) that we make Amma (Jayalalithaa),” he said.

Like Jayalalitha, he also told a story of a god who makes the inhabitants of a village aware of the value of unity. “People will not accept leaders who have not done a public service.” MGR (Ramachandran) has won the hearts of public services.

In his speech at the show, he said that Jayalalithaa Jaynealalithaa AIADMK had transformed into “an iron fortress that can not be shaken by anyone.” The “sacrifices” Ramachandran and Jayalalithaa should be taken into account to ensure the welfare of the people of the state and their growth, he added.

A day after meeting with the governor, deputy combat supporters Dhinakaran, remained at a private station in neighboring Pondicherry. For the most part they have stayed inside. Some of them, including Andipatti member, Thangatamilselvan, went for a walk in the morning on the beach. Police officers were deployed outside the station and the media were not allowed to enter the premises.

In order to assert his authority, Dhinakaran “relieved” four ministers – RB Uthayakumar, KC Veeramani, MR Vijayabaskar and R Kamaraj – positions of the parties. In separate statements Dhinakaran announced the appointment of his assistants in these positions and also noted the district secretaries Chennai (south), Kancheepuram, Thiruvallore (West) and Pudukottai of their functions.

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