Amit Shah in Madhya Pradesh: BJP chief says party will stay in power for at least 50 years

Bhopal: BJP President Amit Shah said his party did not come to power for only 5 or 10 years but at least 50 years, and called on workers to strengthen the party and take it All regions of the country.

Shah also said that while the BJP seems to be at its highest point with a majority government at the Center and 1387 adjuncts in the United States, workers feel that part that still has a long way to go.

“Today a majority government in the Center with 330 deputies and also has 1387 members in different states.The party seems to be at its highest, but dedicated workers believe we have a long way to go,” BJP said on Saturday, Shah said at a party meeting.

“We have not come to power for 5-10 years, but at least 50. We must move forward with the belief that in the 40-50 years, we have to make major changes in the country through power,” Shah said.

He spoke to members of the BJP group in Madhya Pradesh on Friday, officials, parliamentary leaders, members of parliament and district, among others, at the party’s headquarters in Bhopal.

Shah arrived here Friday on a three-day visit to Madhya Pradesh for meetings with BJP employees and office holders, as well as participating in various shows as part of his 110-day national tour.

The president of the BJP reminded the activists that the party has become a political force to be taken into account through the hard work, dedication and sacrifice of its leaders over the years.

Today, the BJP has become a group of 10 to 12 million rupees because of many unconditional members who have dedicated their lives to building and strengthening the organization, Shah said, according to the publication.

“We have to make sure there is no place in the country where we do not have our flag, and we have to strengthen the organization,” Shah said.

“Character is the foundation of our foundation,” he said, and asked BJP workers to ensure that the party is present at every booth, from Kashmir to Kanyakumari and Kamrup En Kutch.

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