North Korea is hacking into South Korean financial institutions and stealing cash: Report

North Korea is hacking into South Korean financial institutions and stealing cash: Report

North Korea is hacking into South Korean financial institutions and stealing cash: Report

North Korea is behind an increasingly orchestrated effort to get into the computers of financial institutions in South Korea and around the world to steal money for the impoverished country, a Korean-backed organization said in a statement. report.

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In the past, suspicious North Korean hacking attempts appear to be designed to cause social disruption or steal military or government ad data, but the approach seems to have evolved in recent years to increase foreign currency, said the Southern Institute Of financial security (ISP).

The isolated regime is suspected of being behind a group of hackers called Lazarus, which global cyber security companies tied to cyberhistoire for 81 billion dollars last year the Central Bank of Bangladesh as well as the 2014 attack Hollywood studio Sony .

The United States Government has accused North Korea Sony piracy and some United States officials said prosecutors build a case against Pyongyang in the Bank of Bangladesh conflict.

In April, the Russian society of computer security, Kaspersky Lab has also identified a group of hackers called Bluenoroff, a spin off of Lazarus, focused on attacking most financial institutions abroad.

The new report, which analyzes alleged cyber attacks between 2015 and 2017 in South Korean government and business institutions, has identified another spin-off called Lazaro Andariel.

“Andariel Bluenoroff and share their common root, but they have different goals and reasons,” the report said. “Andariel focuses on attacking South Korean companies and government agencies using methods appropriate to the country.”

Pyongyang has stepped up the capabilities of online piracy as a means of securing foreign exchange under the barrier of international sanctions imposed to stop the development of its nuclear weapons program.

Computer security researchers have also reported searching for technical evidence that could link North Korea to the cybernetic world WannaCry “ransomware” that has infected more than 300,000 computers in 150 countries in May.

North Korea has denied its involvement in cyber attacks against other countries. North Korea’s mission to the United Nations was not immediately available for comment.

ATM, online poker

According to the report, North Korea’s hacker group Andariel was spotted trying to steal bank card information by hacking ATMs, and then use it to withdraw money or sell information from the black banking market. He also created malware to cut online poker and other gambling sites and steal money.

“South Korea prefer to use local ATM vendors and attackers were able to analyze and compromise ATMs at at least two vendors earlier this year,” Vitaly Kamluk, director of the APAC research center at Kaspersky, said.

“We believe that this subgroup (Andariel) has been active, at least since May 2016.” The latest report has lined up eight different piracy cases detected in the South in recent years, including North Korea was suspected of being late, looking for the same code patterns in malicious software for attacks.

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