Opinion The Choice Is Netanyahu or Bennett

Opinion The Choice Is Netanyahu or Bennett

Opinion The Choice Is Netanyahu or Bennett

Benjamin Netanyahu accuses the left again using unacceptable tactics to try to bring him down “a prime minister in office”, mainly as a result of media coverage of the various police investigations involving him and his court

. In his famous phrase “Arabs going to the polls in danger,” Netanyahu invented a story about leftist organizations that move in Arab voters. He lent them almost diabolical powers, capable of generating an earthquake that would replace the government of the right and him, a prime minister on three occasions.

The subject of metal detectors in the entrances to the Temple Mount, where Netanyahu has mounted a slight challenge to the status quo and was forced to return to the first position, the tail between his legs, again demonstrated that it is the people to the Right is trying, and have the power to bring down the prime minister.

Of course, Avi Gabbay, the new leader of the left, dealing with some of the opposition’s dance movements, such as the refusal to withdraw his motion of no confidence in the government – unlike his predecessor in office, who was not Although, unlike the President of Yesh Atid, Yair Lapid, who has a kind of identity crisis.

(One day, a monument to the advanced Netiv Ha’avot colonies was inaugurated the next day it was against settlers who reoccupied a disputed Hebron building.) But it is still rather a restricted protest.

After all, the left could hold on Netanyahu’s back down, given his judgment and his bad behavior, which ultimately hurt Israel. But that was not the case: not only because the left has no significant influence or the ability to exploit it.

This is also due to Netanyahu seems a relatively prudent choice of forces attacking things well: pyromaniacs who visit the Temple Mount and dangerous empty slogans in death sentences for terrorists;

The barricent types in the disputed building in Hebron and the force of another crisis in the government, in a particularly inflammable place; And members of the Knesset like Bezalel Smotrich, offering this week closed the Temple Mount to the Muslim faithful and build a synagogue.

A key figure among Netanyahu’s right-wing antagonists is habait Hayehudi’s president, Naftali Bennett, who is the biggest personal threat to the Premier.

Certainly, Bennett issued a statement supporting the leadership of the prime minister in the Temple Mount crisis, after voting in the security cabinet against the elimination of metal detectors (and who apparently is not afraid of to know ). But this support lasted less than 24 hours.
“Instead of strengthening our sovereignty in Jerusalem, we send the message that it is possible to undermine our sovereignty.” Images of Palestinians celebrating in Jerusalem serve as the perfect backdrop for their comments. The trial believes that Israel was humiliated, and more, that Netanyahu is vulnerable and easily pressured.

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