Philip Hammond confirms UK will seek Brexit transitional deal

Philip Hammond confirms UK will seek Brexit transitional deal

Philip Hammond confirms UK will seek Brexit transitional deal

Britain’s relationship with the EU three years after Brexit similar to the current one, with free movement, access to the single market and inability to negotiate trade agreements with other countries, said Philip Hammond.

The Chancellor confirmed in several reports last week that the cabinet had agreed to request a transitional period of three years, ending before the next elections in 2022.

He said there was a broad consensus within the company that such a period would be needed to cushion the impact of leaving the EU.

The deal was reached last week, but has not been announced by Theresa May, who left the UK for a three-week break. Instead, the news was spread by other ministers were confirmed by Hammond Friday morning.

Speaking on BBC Radio 4’s Today program, the Chancellor acknowledged that “many things look like” after Brexit’s March 2019 birth.

A three-year transition period should be agreed by the rest of the EU, and only then would the UK go to a completely new immigration system, its own trade agreement with the EU could negotiate trade agreements with other countries.

“There will be a process between the date we are going to leave the European Union and the date on which the new conventional provisions between the UK and the European Union that we expect and we hope to negotiate will come into force,” Hammond said.

“I can not say to a specific period of time, since we have not had that discussion. It will be driven by technical considerations, the time that will take us to implement the necessary measures.” People spoke a year, maybe two years, maybe three years.

“I think there is a broad consensus that this process should be completed by the scheduled time of the next general elections in June 2022, hence a three year period to put the new provisions in place and move in a Regular trajectory without cliff edge where we find the new long-term relationship with the European Union today. ”

Some Brexit advocates may be satisfied with the prospect that the UK can not conclude trade agreements with third parties for three years after leaving the EU, but Hammond insisted that the Cabinet is united.

“The important point is that we are able to start this process and for a period of transition in which we expect to have continuous access to the European market, it is possible that during this time, it does not contract these new agreements. to negotiate “.

Brandon Lewis, Immigration Minister, has caused confusion Thursday saying that free movement would end in March 2019, but Amber Rudd, Interior Minister, said that EU migrants could still come as long as they have registered Your presence.

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